BB began emceeing when she was only 14, through her many performances she has developed a confident onstage personality which has gained many supporters. Uniquely intelligent and mature, the flow of her verses often shocks the audience, capturing their attention.

M.C. produced his first album at the age of 15 on which he was also featured as a rapper with relentless cadence complemented by a passion for basic human rights.

2001, in San Francisco with a tape recorder and microphone, three siblings (M.C., FrontLYon, and BB) and their uncle, (UFO) who would later join the group Above Ave., began recording. When life took a turn for the worst, the three were relocated to Puerto Rico and started a group titled Ess Eff in 2005 with a friend from school. The group first performed at local parties and school talent shows taping each performance to improve their showmanship.
As life progressed, the group members' nationwide separation hindered their ability to create until 2008 with their reemergence in California which included the addition of off and on features from their oldest sibling (Anon.ymous) and uncle (UFO). The group reformed under the moniker, Above Ave., with a new passion for music and life. Siblings M.C., FrontLYon, BB, and Anon.ymous joined together with UFO to create their best and most critically acclaimed work with help from solidified acts (Mr.Porter of D12, Illmind, Royce Da 5' 9", and San Quinn). In hopes to open the minds of music fans the world over, Above Ave. will continue to blend genres, points of view, and separate themselves from the average Hip Hop act. Hence the name..

Above Ave. Biography


Versatile, aware, and energetic UFO's vocal talents manifest themselves in a comprehensible, down to earth style. Drummer for Above Ave., UFO is an experienced jazz musician with many influences from Latin America.

Determined and compassionate, FrontLYon, percussionist and former vocalist for the Grammy nominated band Los Mocosos, FrontLYon's bold vocal textures evoke an emotional response from the listener.



Anonymous blends Spanish and English lyrics with the mentality of an activist, mathematician and poet. As guitarist and bassist Anonymous uses Latin jazz, reggae, funk and hip hop in a refreshing combination of rhythm and melody.